The Christmas Story

Today Mrs Thomson came into nursery to tell the boys and girls all about baby Jesus being born. All the children sat enthralled as Mrs Thomson retold the story, the children enjoyed helping her by being dressed as characters in the story. Mrs Thomson left her costumes and some figures with us in Nursery so that we can retell the story. What fun!



Learning in the Snow

What a surprise! Lots of snow for us to experience and enjoy at Nursery today.

We took some snow inside, we talked about what snow is. The children then predicted what was going to happen to the snow. We will discover tomorrow.

Autumn Fun!

Today’s Wee Green Space showed off some of the children’s talents – singing and den building. We had a few children using the trees as instruments, singing to their favourite Disney songs. Some children were working collaboratively and problem solving to make dens. Circle Time games were incorporated into the sessions to continue with being active in Move-mber. A very successful return to Holly Forest.

The children again noticed the seasonal changes in their environment, especially the trees losing more leaves, this gave them an abundance of leaves to have fun!

Looking at Road safety

This week both morning and afternoon Nusery have been learning about crossing the road safely. The children set up outside as a road and used the bikes and trikes to show how to cross safely. In Nusery we looked at the story of ‘Ziggy going to Nursery” to reinforce the main safety ideas of: holding hands, waiting behind the kerb and looking and listening for traffic. This week we went to Wee Green Space a different way, we walked along Jesmond Avenue, looking at the different traffic signs, markings on the road and using the pelican and puffin crossings. At Wee Green Space the children were interested in numbers: identifying them, ordering them and making quantities of numbers.

The afternoon Nursery also enjoyed using the climbing tree as a rocket. Counting down before they blasted off to Space. Look out for our next blog after the holidays.