Minibeast Hunt

After the interest in minibeasts from last time at Wee green space the children went on a minibeast hunt. The children worked co-operatively with clipboards, magnifying glasses and collection pots all looking for worms, bees, millipedes, butterflies, snails and spiders. The children were so excited searching for the minibeasts looking under stones, in trees and digging in the soil.

After our search we all gathered together and spoke about all the minibeasts we found.

Snack was very popular today as the children were all so hungry after their busy hunt.


Everybody out

Every second week we all go outside to enjoy physical play on the field. This is a great opportunity for the children to explore new skills, enjoy the freedom the space gives them and play together as a group. Before we go out the children select the equipment they would like to use and we talk about any group games the children would like to play. We decided to play, “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” Some of the children were familiar with this game having played it other settings. Traditional games and songs are still a great benefit to your child’s development, there were so many skills involved in just this one game; listening to and following instructions, counting the steps needed, confidence of the caller, enjoyment of the game and following the rules.

The children really enjoyed playing this game and I am sure it will be a favourite for other occasions.

I am aware of my own and others’ needs and feelings especially when taking turns and sharing resources. I recognise the need to follow rules. HWB 0-23a

Maths with Primary 7

Primary 7 prepared a range of measurement activities for the Nursery pre-school and Primary 1 children. The children worked in mixed groups and enjoyed participating in the varied activities. A big well done to the Primary 7’s who had worked so hard coming up with the activities and managing to explain everything so well to the younger children. All of the children involved enjoyed the experience. u

Learning about the Easter Story

Mrs Thomson returned to nursery to tell the children about the Easter Story. Mrs Thomson asked the children to find something from Wee Green Spaces and make a cross.

Mrs Thomson then told the story to the children using her puppets.

Great listening by all.

As I explore Christian stories, images, music and poems, I am becoming familiar with some beliefs Christian people have about God and Jesus. RME 0-01a

Mr Bug

The afternoon nursery were very fortunate to have a session with Mr Bug which had been organised by the infant classes. The children had the opportunity to touch and hold a variety of creatures from all over the world, these included a tarantula, millipedes, snails and beetles. The children found out some very interesting information about the creatures….. Did you know a snail’s poo is the same colour as the food it eats! I didn’t. Ask your child what they learned.

RSPB Visit

Adrienne from the RSPB visited Nursery to talk to the children about Habitats. The children enjoyed hearing a story about a ladybird looking for a new home and then going out into our garden to look for minibeasts. Even though it was a very cold and windy day we managed to find some worms and slugs amongst our planters and under logs. Adrienne thought our garden was an ideal environment for minibeasts, Adrienne’s visit has encouraged the children to take ownership of our garden and this week they have been working together tidying the garden, sweeping up the leaves and weeding the plant pots.

I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment. SOC 0-08a