Transition to Primary 1 – part 1

As part of our pupils transition the children take part in a special snack in the gym hall to familiarise them with the hall and the dinner routine. This was very successful with all children listening carefully and following instructions when collecting their food and putting away their trays when finished. It also gave the children the opportunity to meet Kathleen our school cook.


The Three Little Pigs

Today in Wee Green Spaces we were listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs. The children were enthralled by this traditional tale and had such fun re-telling the story in different ways, using puppets, drama props, small world figures and story stones.

Minibeast Hotels

After the interest generated by the minibeast hunt, the children were challenged to make two different types of minibeast homes. The children worked in small groups with adult help to build their structures. The children worked cooperatively finding sticks, leaves and moss; problem solving and changing their ideas when needed. Some were very imaginative including furniture for the bugs.

Wood Working Skills

Miss McKinnon has been busy introducing wood work skills to the nursery children. She has been taking children in pairs introducing the tools and how to use them safely. So far the children have been hammering nails into wood and then progressing to screwing in nails to the wood. I think the photos show the responsibility, concentration and focus used by the children on these activities. Well done!

Minibeast Hunt

After the interest in minibeasts from last time at Wee green space the children went on a minibeast hunt. The children worked co-operatively with clipboards, magnifying glasses and collection pots all looking for worms, bees, millipedes, butterflies, snails and spiders. The children were so excited searching for the minibeasts looking under stones, in trees and digging in the soil.

After our search we all gathered together and spoke about all the minibeasts we found.

Snack was very popular today as the children were all so hungry after their busy hunt.

Everybody out

Every second week we all go outside to enjoy physical play on the field. This is a great opportunity for the children to explore new skills, enjoy the freedom the space gives them and play together as a group. Before we go out the children select the equipment they would like to use and we talk about any group games the children would like to play. We decided to play, “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” Some of the children were familiar with this game having played it other settings. Traditional games and songs are still a great benefit to your child’s development, there were so many skills involved in just this one game; listening to and following instructions, counting the steps needed, confidence of the caller, enjoyment of the game and following the rules.

The children really enjoyed playing this game and I am sure it will be a favourite for other occasions.

I am aware of my own and others’ needs and feelings especially when taking turns and sharing resources. I recognise the need to follow rules. HWB 0-23a