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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We voted for our favourite story between the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears and you guessed it Goldilocks got the most votes. We have set up our Wendy house as the three bears cottage and equipped it with a big, medium and small chairs, bowls and spoons. We have been making porridge in our mud kitchen to explore measurement and it’s associated language such as empty, full, big, medium, small, bigger, smaller etc. We split up into small groups at Wee Green Spaces to retell the story using puppets, story stones and props. Traditional tales are full of repetitive language and phrases which support young children to have a go at retelling stories.

Superhero Training Camp

Ring ring, ring ring….hello whose calling please? It’s the High Commissioner of the Superheroes of the World. Have the trainee superheroes arrived? Yes sir. Fantastic! They have 4 stations to complete to help develop their super powers. 1. Target practice. 2. Weight lifting. 3. Kick boxing. 4. Tree branch walking. Ok Commissioner I shall get them started immediately! Trainees are you ready? Yes!!!! Let’s go!

Our first visit to Primary 1

Over the past couple of weeks we have been visiting P1 in small groups to play and learn in the “shared area”. We discovered that this area is very similar to Nursery. It has role play, construction, writing/mark making, sand and water trays, games and puzzles etc. We were able to make choices about where we played just as we do in Nursery everyday. The Chinese restaurant role play and the sand tray filled with rice were both very popular choices. All the children coped well with the transition and spoke positively about their experience. We will continue to visit in small groups over the next few weeks and we look forward to working with the P1 classes after the Easter holidays.

World Book Day

We celebrated this wonderful day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We took turns to share 3 things about our character at Together Time. Our friends from P6 joined us to read our library books. On Wednesday morning Jan from Asda popped in to read us a story and drop off a present of some books. Thank you Jan, World Book Day is a great opportunity to celebrate books and reading. What book will you buy with your voucher?

Our trip to visit statues

We have been learning about two of Scotland’s heroes and were excited to jump on the number 2 bus – a double decker no less – to head into the city centre to visit their statues. Firstly we visited the statue of Robert Burns and we noticed that he was holding a wee flower in his hand. The flower is a daisy and we discovered that Robert Burns used to feel sad when he ploughed them up in the fields. Next we strolled along to the statue of William Wallace. He had a big, heavy looking sword that he needed 2 hands to hold and a horn to blow to get help from his friends. We were able to listen and share lots of information about the statues back at Nursery. We said that William Wallace protected Scotland. Before heading back to Nursery we popped across the road to St Mark’s Church for snack. We were able to stay safe on the bus and walking in the city centre. We were able to listen to instructions and information about the statues. We were very patient and well behaved waiting for the bus home!