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Learning about the Easter Story

Mrs Thomson returned to nursery to tell the children about the Easter Story. Mrs Thomson asked the children to find something from Wee Green Spaces and make a cross.

Mrs Thomson then told the story to the children using her puppets.

Great listening by all.

As I explore Christian stories, images, music and poems, I am becoming familiar with some beliefs Christian people have about God and Jesus. RME 0-01a

Mr Bug

The afternoon nursery were very fortunate to have a session with Mr Bug which had been organised by the infant classes. The children had the opportunity to touch and hold a variety of creatures from all over the world, these included a tarantula, millipedes, snails and beetles. The children found out some very interesting information about the creatures….. Did you know a snail’s poo is the same colour as the food it eats! I didn’t. Ask your child what they learned.

RSPB Visit

Adrienne from the RSPB visited Nursery to talk to the children about Habitats. The children enjoyed hearing a story about a ladybird looking for a new home and then going out into our garden to look for minibeasts. Even though it was a very cold and windy day we managed to find some worms and slugs amongst our planters and under logs. Adrienne thought our garden was an ideal environment for minibeasts, Adrienne’s visit has encouraged the children to take ownership of our garden and this week they have been working together tidying the garden, sweeping up the leaves and weeding the plant pots.

I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment. SOC 0-08a

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We discussed how people all over the World celebrate Chinese New Year. The children retold the story of Nian using instruments and props and they enjoyed the Chinese banquet using chopsticks.

I am becoming aware of the importance of celebrations, festivals and customs in religious people’s lives. RME 0-06a

Pancake Day

Today we were making pancakes. During this the children talked about the recipe, the ingredients and how these were measured in terms of full and half-full.

The children tasted the pancakes and then recorded using a tally sheet what they thought of the pancakes.

Great pancakes Mrs Garden. 😀


I have experimented with everyday items as units of measure to investigate and compare sizes and amounts in my environment, sharing my thoughts with others. MNU 0-11a